Buff, gaiter, face protection


TICONN Neck Gaiter (2 Pack), Face Cover Scarf, Summer Cool Breathable Lightweight, Ideal for Fishing Hiking Running Cycling

The main purpose of a NECK GAITER/BUFF is to keep you wrapped up, to protect your head. When it’s cold, use it to cover any exposed skin on your neck or head, as a beanie, or a wind shield. A buff also keeps the sun off you when it’s warm, acts as a headband, or wristband. The buff’s flexibility is really great here. Depending on what you need they’re great for any situation. I keep one on my pack, wear one under my bike helmet, and always grab one when heading out the door. Best of all, buffs are lightweight and pack down real small.


  • Universal Fit: 16” X 9.5” (±0.2in) but stretchable to be universal fit and can be used for different purpose
  • Thin & Cool for Summer Use: thin and lightweight material to make you feel cool and breathable during hot days
  • Moisture Wicking: no sticky feelings if sweaty, as our neck gaiter absorbs sweat to help get dry faster than non-sweat-absorb materials
  • Sun & Wind-Proof: help protect your skin from UV light under direct sunlight and you can breath as usual in windy weather and no need worry of breathing in dust
  • Machine Washable: wash before your first use and remember to wash every time after use to keep hygienic

A cap more your style

I keep a cap in my jeep, attached to each of my packs, and more than a few around the house. Like packs, knives, wallets, and watches, a good cap is an essential part of your EDC. This MEN’S FOREVER WEATHERED CAP is a great addition to your collection and an excellent go to cap. Caps are more than a fashion statement. I worked outside for years, a good hat helps protect your face or neck from the the sun. If you are a person with sensitive skin and even if you are not, you want to avoid excessive burn. I throw one on when ever I hit the trail, the river, or even the yard. Not just for protection but when I know I’ll be a mess, especially if I’m getting in some exercise before the shower.

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