Front pocket wallet


Col. Littleton Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet with Flap | USA Made 

A front pocket wallet. Why? First, accessibility. The front pocket is easier and more convenient than the back pocket, simple. Second security. The front pocket wallet are safer and more secure compared to the back ones. They are more difficult to pick without being noticed than the rear pocket wallet.

No matter how much of a minimalist you are striving to be, there are some things you just need every day. A good wallet is at the top of that list. Can you even leave the house without a wallet? You need your ID, cards, and cash. I don’t even go for a bike ride without my wallet. But a big, bulky mess shoved in your rear pocket that just seems to expand every day isn’t necessary.

The COL. LITTLETON GENUINE LEATHER FRONT POCKET WALLET is slim, sleek, classy, and comfortable. A front pocket wallet uses a slimmer design creating a low profile. Plenty of room to carry your essentials without the wasted space of a rear pocket wallet. Really how much crap do you need to carry? The limited space will help declutter your life. Get rid of the unnecessary things you’ve carried for years.

Col. Littleton Workshop

When I first designed the front pocket wallet, they all had the fold-over flap. Then, for a few years I only made wallets without the fold-over flap. Each style has its devotees; so being the nice guy I am, I decided to make everyone happy by making both. If you’ve never carried one, I predict you’ll quickly become addicted to the ease and security of the front pocket wallet. It’s compact enough to carry in your front pocket, but large enough to hold folding money, driver’s license and two or three essential credit cards. When you think about it, what else do you really need? Made of black, brown or saddle tan native American steer hide, tanned right here in Tennessee. Dry milled to achieve incredible softness. Two pockets. Edge stitched. 3.9 inches H x 3 inches W. Handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville, TN USA.

  • Well-designed slim wallet for front pocket carry
  • Back pocket for cards, ID, etc – Front pocket for cash
  • Protective fold-over flap

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other wallets

The Recycled Firefighter Bifold Wallet is a minimalist wallet designed to be super thin and comfortable for front pocket carry. The Rookie Bifold Wallet, holds up to 12 credit cards and is made from real fire hose. Sewn with Mil-Spec materials this bifold is a game changer, not only because there are no other wallets like it, but because its simple design works flawlessly.

Add some class to your day! The D01 Dango Dapper EDC Wallet was designed for the sophisticated individual. From the boardroom, to a night out on the town, to a cruise down the coast, the Dapper Wallet is always the right choice. It comes in two colors, a Clear Anodized Aluminum Chassis, Black Silicone Band and either Golden Whiskey Brown Leather or Jet Black Leather with Stainless Steel Mil-Spec Bolts. Yeah it’s a mouth full of stuff, but it comes together neatly in one sleek package.

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