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3PC Hygiene Hand Brass Clean Key, No-Touch Door Opener & Closer Stylus Keep Hands Clean, Portable Stick for Push The Elevator Button, Shape of Key – Easy to Carry and Use

Things are not getting better yet, caution is still needed, wear a mask, limited contact with everyone and everything. When it comes to things like elevator or ATM buttons, door handles, or any other surface with which you might have contact, the microbes might measure well beyond your imagination. Especially now, in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This 3PC HYGIENE HAND BRASS CLEAN KEY set made of brass its inherently antimicrobial qualities. Let this key help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks. Reduce contact with the things everyone else touches- for example the keypad to use your debit car at the grocery, gas station, or even the bank.

Regular use of hand sanitizer and regular (or more) hand washing with soap certainly helps. Gloves while you’re out and about also helps limit your potential exposure to the coronavirus, not to mention to other viruses and bacteria. But better yet is using a tool that means no part of your body, even a gloved hand, ever comes into contact with potential viral hot spots.

Hygiene Hand Brass Clean Key

No-Touch Door Opener Closer

The best helper for you!


Size:7.6 cm * 3 cm


Mini size and easy to carry.

Prevent your hands from touching directly.

Suitable for opening and closing the doors, pressing the elevator tool button etc.

  • COLORCASA1.Safety- Door handle assistant can help you press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/door knobs and so on without touching directly. It can reduce direct contact with people or other things effectively.
  • COLORCASA2.Mini Size-It’s easy to carry, so it can be used for many places.
  • COLORCASA3.Easy To Use-Ergonomic design. Hold on one side and make the other one side touch other things.
  • COLORCASA4.Multifunction-Use the Hygiene Hand for pressing buttons, moving chairs, flushing a toilet and carrying grocery bags etc.
  • COLORCASA5.The Useful Assistant- It can keep your hands clean.
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