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The Wizard of Oz in our genes

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the original, classic Wizard of Oz movie end to end. I know I’ve seen most of it, in bits and pieces. But now we can rest easy — the original Wizard of Oz has been translated into Esperanto and stored on a strand of DNA. By a team of scientists at the U of Texas, Austin. Hey, The Wizard of Oz in our genes! Sounds, I don’t know, awesome. Or weird, take your pick.

What’s a lattice?

Anyway, the big deal in all this, other than using DNA as a computing platform, is how they made the DNA version durable. Simply put, they configured the storage in a lattice. Data points can strengthen the whole, by means of a geometry of mutual reference. This can occur in “partially ordered sets.” Information references OTHER information (that connection’s the lattice element). Picture program logic as a spatial entity made of light. And its statements exhibit some disorder in spite of the mathematical accuracy of the lattice. It’s wild, and it actually reflects how “real” languages, spoken ones, cohere, and evolve.


“The Wizard of Oz in our genes, sweets.” I said that to my wife and she knew I had been delving into one of the devil’s workshops — genomics or proteomics. They’re difficult, yes, but important.

More to come…



In the meantime, we just reviewed a BIKE REPAIR TOOL KIT, which, if you ride, you should review and compare to what you have.

“Like a watch wrapped around a wrist, a special enzyme encircles the double helix to repair a broken strand of DNA.” The NIH Image Gallery on flickr…  Another topic for later.

If you know great watches, you know Patek Philippe. Here is a reproduction that sells for about $300. Click on the image to view it at Amazon.


and a real Patek — it’s the Nautilus 5980/1R001, in Rose Gold. A lot more than the imitation:

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