Beer pong


Case Club Heavy Duty Floating Beer Pong Pool Games (2″ Thick Durable Closed Cell Foam)

We grew up playing this game and couldn’t make the rules or punishments hard enough. Now you can take your beer pong fun to the next level with Case Club’s Floating Beer Pong Tables. Perfect for the pool or lake you can now take your game outdoors. Made of military grade, non absorbent, closed cell polyethylene foam and a three piece interlocking design, the Floating Beer Pong Table was built for durability and all day fun!

never Heard of beer pong? Really?

Beer pong most likely evolved from the game played at Dartmouth in the 50s and 60s where it was still played with paddles. Of course today we just throw the ball, and the game has become an integral part of campus life. Though it has certainly moved off campus and is played everywhere now- many bars have tournaments. Eventually, it became- thoughts are somewhere in the 80s-the game we play and love today. I can’t lie, despite how my wife feels about her dining room table, during the holidays it becomes a throw pong table.

Bucknell University claims responsibility for the modern version of the game and one of my buddies went there- might be why we picked it up-I don’t know. I’m not willing to do the necessary research to verify or refute their claim.


  • **Cups and ping pong balls not included**
  • Ping Pong Ball Holders on all Four Corners
  • Docking Station on the Middle Sides for “Sunken” Battle Ships
  • When fully assembled the foam measures 81.0″x 22.1″ x 2.1″. When broken down and stacked the table measures 30.3″ x 22.1″ x 6.1″
  • This product is NOT a Personal Flotation Device
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