Get home bag

Prep To Get Home

We’ve talked about the bug out bag and your 3 day prep for getting out of dodge. But what if the SHF when you’re not at home. What do you do then? You need to PREP TO GET HOME! Your Get Home Bag is an emergency bag meant to protect you when you’re away from home. Think of it as a 12-24 Hour Bug Out Bag, packed with the stuff you need to survive and get to where you need to get.

Your Get Home Bag is meant to be super portable, easy to carry, and compact- a one day pack. At the very minimum it should provide you with water, snacks, matches or lighter, a change of clothing and a first aid kit. If your everyday carry doesn’t consist of a good knife, multi-tool, watch, and at least a small flashlight on your key-chain, add them.

The Get Home Bag is an emergency bag for your car or truck. If you’re a commuter maybe there is a place at work you can stow your bag. If not you should certainly consider expanding your EDC. Keep that in mind when picking food and supplies.

Don’t get crazy with this bag, keep focused. You want to travel light and fast, you never know when you’re going to end up on foot.

Our choice for the get home bag is the Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack. You don’t need a huge bag and you want a decent bag, spend a little.

Get Home Bag Contents:


  • A change of clothes – pair of socks- decent hiking, pants-weather appropriate, shirt, and underwear in a compression sack
  • a top layer, weather/season appropriate
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses and/or sunglasses

Food & Water:

Hygiene & First Aid:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet Wipes
  • a small first aid kit, bandages, gauze, tape, etc.


  • US Army Survival Guide, keep one in each of your bags
  • a good knife- the Buck Compadre
  • 50′ of paracord, I keep one of these bracelets attached to my pack.
  • flashlight, LED
  • local maps
  • a good pair of work glove
  • a small radio, solar crank is probably best

Shelter & Weather Protection:

If you’re keeping your bag in your vehicle, it should be ready. You should keep basic gear on hand for road-related emergencies in your trunk as well as weather related issues. Keep your trunk and your bag updated for the season.

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