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Gerber Armbar Cork, Pocket Knife Multi-Tool with Cork Screw for EDC, Onyx

Sometimes you want more than just a knife. At times you don’t need a multi-tool geared for work. Sometimes you need a tool to handle your entertaining need when the kitchen isn’t handy. Those times you want the Gerber Armbar Corkscrew Multi-tool. A compact multi-tool designed to fit comfortably in pocket, yet manages to house a lineup of tools perfect for entertaining at the campsite or on the trail. The Armbar Cork has a cork screw, lever arm, and foil cutter. A full size, fine edge blade rounds out a tool pack that also includes but isn’t limited to can and bottle openers. So wine, dine, and cut no matter where you find yourself. The perfect picnic tool, a must have in your pocket every weekend.

The Gerber Armbar Corkscrew Multi-tool is easy to keep in your pack, pocket, or glove box – until it’s time for that drink. Easy to access tools get drinks flowing with little to no effort.


The Armbar Cork is a spirited take on the EDC multi-tool, because even the most resourceful can use some help opening up a wine bottle.

  • Gerber’s Armbar Cork Multi-Tool can handle anything your pocket knife could with a one-hand opening fine edge blade, corkscrew bottle opener, and more.
  • The Armbar Cork features 9 tools, to handle the tasks beyond a simple pocket knife: Cork Screw, Foil Cutter, Lever Arm, Scissors, Can/Package Opener, Fine Edge Blade, Bottle Opener, Pry Bar, and Hammer.
  • The Armbar’s 2. 5″ Inch Fine Edge Blade is held securly with a frame lock.
  • Tools are all stainless steel, and handle made of a textured anodized aluminum for a secure grip.
  • Gerber : Limited Lifetime

8 Tools Include:

  • 2-1/2” fine edge blade w/ frame lock
  • Scissors
  • Pry bar
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Hammer
  • Foil cutter
  • Corkscrew w/ leverage arm
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