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100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails 

We love to hike, actually we just love to be outside. As a group and as individuals we spend a lot of time in the National Parks and National Forests. If you’re a hiker or somebody thinking about hiking 100 HIKES OF A LIFETIME is the book for you. This book is guaranteed to stir the imagination, get you dreaming, and add to your bucket list. Like any National Geographic book the photographs are mind-blowing and will certainly stir feelings of jealousy.

This book covers hikes of all levels, from easy to expert, and travels to all of the continents. The gear guide is a more than useful reference. The chapter on hiking conservation at the end of the book is something everyone should read. Even if they never plan on leaving their “backyard”.

The hikes are broken down by North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceana, Australia and Antarctica. Each hike lists the distance, the estimated time it should take, the best time of year to go, and the difficulty. Similar to the information found on most hiking apps. The included photos really are the star and bring the descriptions to life.

National Geographic

This is the ultimate hiker’s bucket list. From the celebrated Appalachian Trail to Micronesia’s off-the-beaten-path Six Waterfalls Hike. Treks through 100 energizing experiences for all levels.

Filled with beautiful National Geographic photography, wisdom from expert hikers like Andrew Skurka, need-to-know travel information, and practical wildlife-spotting tips. This inspirational guide offers the planet’s best experiences for hikers and sightseers. From short day hikes–California’s Sierra High Route, Lake Agnes Teahouse in Alberta, Norway’s Mt. Skala–to multiday excursions like Mt. Meru in Tanzania and multi-week treks (Egypt’s Sinai Trail, Bhutan’s Snowman Trek, and the Bibbulum Track in Australia), you’ll find a hike that matches your interests and skill level.

Crossing all continents and climates. From the jungles of Costa Rica to the ice fields in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Parks. As well as experiences. A wine route through Switzerland or moose spotting on the Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming. There is a trail for everyone in these pages. So pack your gear and lace your boots. This comprehensive and innovative guide will lead you to experience the best hikes of your life!

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