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Hot coffee cold room

If you were to take a cold object and place it in a heated space – say, put a fresh salmon filet into an oven for baking. The filet will get cooked, along with all the spices and herbs you used to prepare it. However — under some circumstances, the same is true in reverse.  Hot coffee cold room, i.e. take a heated object, place it into a very cold space. Leave…  Some of the heat in the cold room will migrate to the coffee and raise its temperature — the coffee will get hotter, the room colder.

Under specific conditions you will need physics to explain.

Anyway, the cup that gets more heated in a cold space is the opposite of how cooking works — even I know that. Needless to say, I am not Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsay (the Beef Wellington!) or whoever satisfies your idea of chef-ness.

Precious hot java, great outdoor gear

So… just to restate: if we put a cup of steaming hot java into a very cold room, the coffee gets HOTTER, and the room even colder? (But it’s possible. Apparently. A bit of physics particle razzle-dazzle there.)

*** NOTE: the picture at the head of this article is of the Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ. Smart heat, highly rated on Amazon. It’s a device I’m considering for our kitchen, not an example of the physics curiosity I’m talking about.***

I thought about coffee example because, well, first of all, we just published an article on an outdoor cooking thingie, called the Jetboil Basecamp Cooking System. You can read that article here. The Jetboil gear looks a bit intimidating/complex, but only while you first lay eyes on it.

But, it will heat your meal, not the other way around.

Make the film roll backward …

By coincidence, I had also watched a YouTube video where the presenter, Trace Dominguez, conjured the exact scenario where the coffee gets hotter when it shouldn’t. It’s sort of an oven in reverse.  Inexplicably, the coffee acquires more heat in a cold space. What? hold on… I know I already said it but it really is amazing to me.

I looked into it and indeed, yes, it is possible.

Below is the YouTube video — actually entitled “Scientists Claim They Made Time Go Backwards…But Did They?” A YouTube channel called “Seeker” presents this kind of content. (Note, we have no relationship with Seeker, just happened on this particular presentation).

In the video embedded below, the content about coffee that heats up in a chilly space will start at 1 minute in. This will get you to the subject of the miracle brew without much preface. Unless you’re dying to find out about the quantum time-reversal topic, in which case, you can watch the whole thing.

If you are into whether we can time travel, you can visit Seeker’s website. The article titled “Can We Actually Time Travel? Einstein says ‘Ja!’” is to be found there.

Yoav Ben-Dov, Arthur Koestler, and C.G. Jung

Relevant to the foregoing, we just did an article about tarot cards and Yoav Ben-Dov, an Israeli scientist/philosopher. He was brilliant, and he got lured by quantum physics while quite young. And then, somehow he got drawn to the power that he discovered within the tarot system — its parallels to science. Anyway, Ben-Dov was greatly influenced by Arthur Koestler, whose book The Roots of Coincidence (see below) Yoav read when he was 14 years old.

Koestler also wrote The Act of Creation, where he presented the fundamental idea that the mind, even the scientific mind, is often most creative in states close to trances and dreams.  And his The Ghost in the Machine remains one of the most powerful acts of warning mankind against a drive to self-destruction in spite of our achievements.

Also C.G, Jung figures into all this, so here is also a link to his book Synchronicity.

To be continued…

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