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Yoav Ben-Dov — quantum physicist

Yoav Ben-Dov, quantum physicist, philosopher of science… And tarot card specialist. Above all, a brilliant and extraordinary Israeli academician — a paradox and a puzzle. Being a teacher of both physics and tarot card reading was, needless to say, highly unusual…

Call it fortune-telling with a quantum facet. In an interview he was asked how he got to where he is — what led him to develop these apparently discordant traits of scientist and mystic. He said that at the age of 14 he read Arthur Koestler’s book The Roots of Coincidence.


As a contribution to the world of tarot, Yoav reproduced an 18th-century tarot deck. It was a well-known one —  the Nicholas Conver Marseilles Tarot. The deck, originally published circa 1760, is a classic. In addition, Ben-Dov lectured and consulted. He spoke at conferences, where his main contribution became evident: the connection between quantum mechanics and tarot patterns.

Between quantum mechanics and the intuitive experience of using tarot cards, there were links — ones we should not ignore.


Our tarot series

We just published an article on tarot — A Few Reclusive Occultists. — Quickly, we realized we should have said more about Ben-Dov, who was both a scientist and philosopher. One who opened up the relevance of tarot interpretation to people who might never find it on their own.

Yoav Ben-Dov passed away in July of 2016. But this did not happen before shaking up the Israeli academic physics scene. His CBD Tarot website got attention. Naturally, his colleagues — other physicists of science educators — could not accept his serious intellectual involvement in tarot. As expected, they told him that he was not doing science. He antagonized the establishment etc…. Bluntly, they told him it was upsetting colleagues who valued the rigor and discipline science imposed.

(Click on the link below to get The Marseille Tarot book of Ben-Dov.)

Ghosts and practical gear

Yoav Ben-Dov’s character and thoughtfulness expressed themselves in his interactions. He was non-judgmental, attentive, respectful. We really wonder here at Wharf 21 what he thought about experiences or reports of ghostly entities. We recently published an article on an EVP Ghost Detecting / Recorder Device (EVP=Electronic Voice Phenomena).

And by the way, another recent item we wrote about, and with which I was impressed. Or course, it’s the Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat. Check it out. The whole fly fishing thing — and also it has just totally practical features…


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