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“If you’re so smart,” goes the old saying, “why aren’t you rich?” There is the cultural trope that smarts equals wealth, or should. But it’s really about smart open curious tenacious¬† — not just I.Q. Whatever that measures…

Bloomberg did a recent article on this question and found that qualities such as openness, curiosity, tenacity, adaptability and of course, duhh, LUCK, were incredibly important too. So now I know what to tell the bill collector. Or not… (wink)

Success: not made by what we always thought

This topic is important, or it keeps raising its head, because hey, people want to know: what makes success? No one has answered that question fully, and probably won’t for a long while, BUT certain things keep emerging as key features. IQ? 1 to 2 percent of success is linked to IQ, according to a recent study.

Diligence, curiosity, adaptability, flexibility, openness… Plus and other features that are required in the discovery of opportunity and the solving of problems, are more important than just “brains.”

Gotta be a little crazy…

Tenacity? Discipline? I saw a video about a guy in Helsinki who ran a marathon on his six-meter long patio. The video is here.

I was listening to Rick Beato’s “TOP 20 GUITAR SOLO OUTROS OF ALL TIME” on YouTube.¬† So… I started wondering about the artists — the guitarists — he had chosen for the list. What makes success, really?¬† btw, If you don’t know Rick Beato’s work, you should check it out. (An “outro” is the opposite of an intro — the outro is the outgoing or fading solo at the end of some songs.)

By the way, earlier I noticed that someone here had written about the BOSE WIRELESS WEARABLE SPEAKER. A neat gadget of our decade. Hey, why not work at your desk while playing favorite stuff on the audio, without being tethered to wires and so on?

You’re very smart and also incredibly dumb

Another article on the topic is from Scientific American, on why smart people do dumb things. Similar aspects arise: the importance of personality, the value of critical thinking, self-restraint…

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