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glossary of useful things

A Moleskine notebook* of useful stuff would be… useful. Call it a glossary of useful things. But we don’t have one. And we can’t find one. Soo… we realized we have been working on it without necessarily achieving what we wanted. By “glossary of useful things” I don’t mean a shopping catalog of products from companies that may advertise on our pages.

By the way, I just looked up the difference between “lexicon,” “glossary,” and “dictionary.” I am more profoundly confused than when I started. I do think I mean a glossary. But a practical one.

Ayn Rand’s idea of practicality

The idea of a useful glossary is so basic, but … we don’t have them for navigating the crazy world we all live in. We’re not really practical in our approach. As Ayn Rand said (I’m paraphrasing): “To know whether you’re practical, we’d first have to know what it is you wish to practice.”  (The quote is probably in Atlas Shrugged, but I’m not sure.)

In other words, don’t go tell someone they are not practical. You don’t know what they are trying to practice.

OK, you’re right: Ayn Rand was all too serious. Probably because she lived her youth in Stalin’s Russia. Therefore, she realized with utter certainty how bad it is when a government goes bad. Or its leader does. When she got out of Russia, what happened next should have been no surprise. The U.S. was her dream of freedom, and she was now dreaming with purpose. She set about making sure a version of Stalin wasn’t going to incarnate in the west.

Useful and practical. Check.

The search for a flashlight is neverending

But I do know I want a decent flashlight; a tool kit; a way to deal with flat tires. Also, I want a way to cook a palatable meal without all the conveniences of a modern kitchen. Those sorts of things. Oh, and the National Geographics Destinations of a Lifetime, which we just wrote an article about.


*Read the Wikipedia description of Moleskine in Wikipedia (facts without marketing spin).

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— Boxed set of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

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