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just another JoJo Reference

Ok first of all, what is just another JoJo Reference. I mean what is it? Well, we’d have to start with Hirohiko Araki, a “mangaka” (manga artist/writer). He created something published in 1987, which simply caught on. A manga adventure with improbable, exciting characters. It gained followers, found spin in other narratives. Soon, it arced to create the following no one can (or wants to) explain.

“It” was a story called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Thus, “just another JoJo Reference” always refers back to that. The bizarre flow of events and situations. The detail and the mystery. So, we learn about Araki and the original force of the now 30-yr dynasty of interest.

Urban Dictionary to the rescue

Urban Dictionary’s definition of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is: “big buff men fighting for a woman against a big buff gay vampire.” Fascinating.

I watched a YouTube video on physics. It was called “What is Spin?” and I got JoJoed. I am writing this article to help others identify when they have been JoJoed also. It is a common experience and it can leave us confused and excited at the same time.

Measuring is not knowing. Really.

The person answering the spin question did a great job. And, she admitted she did not answer the question, in case someone noticed. The admission is a part of the answer, in a JoJo way. She just added metrics, provided measures, and data. So, a JoJo reference is explaining (a fool’s mission) or talking about something and you can’t answer. Instead, you talk about metrics. It SOUNDS like an answer. You don’t know. The answer avoids “what it is” and “how it is possible.”

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure consisted of amazing amalgams (“arcs”) no one could explain or justify. But who cares? It’s great stuff anyway… (Speaking of which, do not forget to update your summer arsenal for outdoor adventures — read our quick article on Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent. And the MSR Dromedary Water Reservoir. Nontrivial. I mean it…)

By the way, “JoJo” is a reference to the lead character, Jonathan Joestar who, oh never mind… Ok well, he is according to Wikipedia, a gentleman. One “who carries his surname with pride while striving to be a gentleman who never betrays his code of honor and defending those in need even when at a grave disadvantage.”

Gravity on earth blah blah blah

When we quantify something we don’t understand, that is not understanding it. We have related the thing we don’t understand, to the rest of our knowledge. We do that using metrics — as the spin-video narrator says. If I want to know what gravity really is, it is a quandary. You can tell me that gravity near the earth’s surface accelerates a free-falling object at 9.81 meters per second, which is a doozy of a JoJo ref.

I hope that’s all clear now¬† ; )

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