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Zombie attack survivors

Zombie attack survivors,  I wish I could remember this guy’s name. I think it was Tom. One of those guys you meet in the nation’s capital, who worked for State, or Commerce, or MIGA, or one or another of the agencies. He knew, not everything, but some offbeat, interesting things. I ran into him in a bistro in Washington DC.  Right off Dupont Circle. It was summer.

All the women seemed to know him, though he was often alone, working on his beer tab. He looked around the place, full of dynamic, romantic young people, drinking, laughing. Educated Washingtonians. He then looked outside, and he said, “beautiful, isn’t it?” I nodded, “yeah.” “We’re going to lose all this,” he said. “We’re going to give it up for safety in the streets.”

What he meant was, that’s the reason they’ll give us when they take it all away. And we’ll let it happen.

The “routine emergency”

Zombie apocalypse or not, I remember that. We all want to be zombie attack survivors. And when I saw this survival kit, it came back to me, that conversation.  Doesn’t mean Tom was right, nor that I believed his prophecy, then or now. It was a bit dark, I think. But in general, many of us are underprepared for mere routine emergencies.

So, I’m talking about EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit IFAK Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits Trauma Bag for Camping Boat Hunting Hiking Home Car Earthquake and Adventures. Almost 1,900 ratings on Amazon, solid 5 stars. Which means it probably does what it’s supposed to.

Also, while we’re at it, a decent first aid kit if you need only that. Also don’t miss our article on the KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator (3.2 cu. ft, for dorm, garage, camper etc.).

Sure, a lot of folks want to leverage our love of adventures. And our secret fear of the zombie apocalypse. But some of them will actually deliver: they’ll provide what is useful. Like Tom said to me, “you know they’re out there. You know it is happening.”

Yeah. I do.

P.S. Not sure this is about zombies, except metaphorically, but it’s still timely.

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