Trench lighter

Copper Trench Lighter

Copper Trench Lighter, Kerosene Vintage Flint Wheel Lighter Antique Lighter with Windproof Movable Wind Shield and Extra Flints

Copper Trench Lighter was first made by soldiers in WWI. Soldiers in the trenches lacked access to the everyday carry we take for granted today. They had to make do with what they could find and manufactured their own lighters out of used ammunition shells and whatever else that they had lying around.

The first of these lighters were called cartridge case lighters, for obvious reasons. To make your own lighter you need two casings, the British .303 is a popular round for this project. The one acts as a windscreen for the flame, while the other holds the cotton and fuel. This allows you to slide the windscreen up, light the flame and then put it to whatever you wanted to light. Then you slide everything back into place.


  • ☆Windproof: The wind guard on this lighter is adjustable–handy,it can slides up or down,outdoors it does a good job in a breeze;
  • ☆Portable: This kerosene lighter is nice for carrying in the coin pocket of your jeans or wallet;
  • ☆Durable: This trench style lighters can holds fuel for many days,and the bottom has a oil filler,which can open with a coin,it doesn’t leak;
  • ☆High-quality: it’s spring-loaded so you get a very positive, consistent spark each time you flip it open;The wick cover protects the wick and helps to prevent fuel evaporation;
  • ☆Suitable: It’s gift for boyfriend /father or other friend(family),and also you can send for yourself;Festival gift,valentine;

Think you’d like to try and make your own instead of purchasing. YouTube howto video.

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