Tool holder

Klecker Tool Carrier Carabiner

Klecker Knives STW-101 Daily Carry Tool Carrier Carabiner, Metal Matte

Made from high quality Brass and Titanium. You’ll find the Klecker Tool Carrier Carabiner is stylish as well as functional. Designed to allow you to insert and remove tools easily. Keep all the tools locked in the bottom portion of the key chain. Open the gate and have access to both the top and bottom portions of the clip at the same time. If you don’t want to carry your tools in a phone case, the KDC Tool Carabiner is a great way to carry your KDC Tools.

The Klecker Daily Carry Carabiner was created with organization in mind. The carabiner was designed with a traditional carabiner clip at the top. An added bottom section that allows the user to keep keys and tools separate from the top portion.

The ultimate carrier for the daily carry collection

Easily secure each tool in the Daily Carry Collection in the bottom portion of the carabiner, making sure that they are always on hand. The innovative bottom lock of the carabiner is able to include seven of the Daily Carry tools.

  • Brass and Titanium construction
  • Carries up to 7 tools
  • Stylish and functional
  • Easily insert and Remove tools
  • Bottom portion locking

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