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Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

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Bertoni Vintage Aviator Motorcycle Goggles Matt Black Anticrash Photochromic Lenses – Pilot Over Helmets Goggles

Does riding a motorcycle delivers instant coolness? I’m not sure but if you throw on a pair of these vintage motorcycle goggles, definitely. Now just as important as looking cool, goggles, like helmets, need to be functional and provide safety. These vintage motorcycle goggles from Bertoni have Anticrash Photochromic Lenses.

Photochromic lenses go from clear to smoke, adapting to changes in light. They darken from category 0, transparent (foggy days, bad weather, night driving), to smoke. Meaning category 2 sun tint (outdoors, medium/high brightness). These vintage aviator goggles allow bikers to drive night or day without changing lenses or visors and provide 100% UV Protection. The adjustable strap gives a close fit with any open face helmet.


Bertoni is a well known Italian brand of sport sunglasses. Coming from over thirty-years experience in the sport–optic market. Well appreciated because of their comfortable and well fitting design plus the latest technical discoveries for lenses and materials. Cycling Sunglasses, thanks to the wrap-around design that improves peripheral vision and protects your eyes from wind and weather and thanks to photochromic lenses that adapt to changes in light, making them unique and indispensable in any weather condition, allow Bertoni to stand out also in these disciplines. Developed to suit all kinds of sports. Made respecting the regulations with a strict quality control in particular when choosing the best lenses and materials.

  • Vintage Motorcycle Over Helmets Goggles – Mat Black – Anticrash Photochromic Lenses by Bertoni Italy – F195PH Motorbike Glasses
  • FRAME: Weight: 18 gr.
  • LENS: photochromic lenses from clear to smoke – it adapts to changes in light.
  • ADJUSTABLE strap to give a close fit with any open face helmet – Embroidered black logo on the strap.
  • Feature: it can be worn also without helmets
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