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Real Good Coffee Co, Whole Bean Coffee, Breakfast Blend Light Roast, Coffee Beans 2 Pound Bag

Here at Wharf 21 we love our coffee almost as much as our whiskey. I’m not sure that’s right. Is it possible to love two different things equally? Who knows? Let’s not wax philosophical on the nature of love, especially without a cup of coffee or glass of whiskey. Anyhow, start your day right with Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend whole bean coffee.

About Real Good Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee made with 100% Arabica, coffee beans and recyclable materials, this light roast coffee is kosher, and has no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. We have been craft roasting coffee in Seattle for more than 30 years and are dedicated to creating great coffee and fair value. Just like you, we revel in that first cup of the day.

How To Make Our Breakfast Blend Coffee:

  • Prior to using our light roast whole bean coffee, grind the beans to either a medium or coarse grind depending on the type of coffee machine you are using.
  • Drip Pot- Add 2 Tbsp (10 grams) of medium grind coffee for every 6 oz.of filtered water.
  • French Press- 9 Tbsp (55 grams) of coarse grind coffee for a 34 oz.french press. Steep for 4 minutes before plunging.
  • Pour Over- 4 Tbsp (22 grams) of medium grind coffee for every 12 oz.of filtered water. Pour Slowly.
  • Sustainable Light Roast Coffee Beans: Our coffee is made with premium quality Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. They are grown, sourced and packaged responsibly, then roasted fresh in Seattle, USA
  • Tasting Notes. Our Breakfast Blend coffee delivers a smooth flavor that brings together a brisk citrus taste with smooth aromatic notes of milk chocolate and cream.

Making a great cuppa coffee.

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