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Get a bike, start hacking

According to the CDC, 80 percent of Americans do not reach recommended levels of daily exercise. Well, no surprise there. But the shortcomings are more than just a matter of physical health. It is also how we are connected to our changing technology environment. So, I say get a bike, start hacking. By “hacking” I mean ETHICAL penetration into the world of electronics. No big deal, play a bit. In other words, learning about our digital environment.

(Just noticed that one of my colleagues wrote about an electric fat-tire bike here.)

Another way of saying, I’m getting bored and want to look on the bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic. The things we can do to make use of our socially-distanced cocoon. For instance, the website lists 100 best (FREE) books on ethical hacking — stuff like learning Python while also getting to be a better navigator around computers.

I mention this because… Aside from our lack of physical fitness, the other truly scary statistic is our societal lack of technical and scientific fluency. I don’t mean that we should go back to school and get PhD in electronics or some other scientific/technical specialty. I mean just basic familiarity with the several domains of scientific endeavors that are shaping our world and lives. What is an artificial intelligence? What’s a gene? what happens if we modify human genes? can we clone Beethoven from a piece of his hair?

How can legislators — U.S. congress- and Senate members — make decisions about things like nano-science safety legislation, DNA, migration toward digital environments, without understanding the basic issues?

Bicycles are one of those things — you think it’s simple and straightforward, next you know it gets technical. Happened to me just from reading bike reviews online! You realize you can very easily buy the wrong contrivance — wrong seat, gears, brakes, riding position… it goes on and on. Even more so with computer programming languages.

I don’t know how reliable this data is but I have on more than one credible web site read about COBOL, the 50 yr-old programming language. COBOL is STILL involved in more than 70% of the transactional systems that run things like finance on our planet. I’m not saying we need to learn how to write COBOL code — or Pascal or any of the other ancient digital leviathans — though how cool would it be to learn?

So the second thing, in addition to the bicycle riding, would be to learn a little bit of ethical hacking. Check out the old languages! Get a bike start hacking! You know, learn Python or one of the other world-constructor languages. Learn enough to mess around a bit ETHICALLY.

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