Milu Thermos Food Jar

Thermos Food Jar with Folding Spoon, Double Wall Insulated, Stainless Steel, Wide Mouth Lunch Box for Hot & Cold Food

If you’ve been looking for a food container that could keep food hot for hours, you’ve found it. The Milu Thermos Food Jar will keep food hot/warm for upwards of 8 hours. Try it with ice, 8 hours and still there. It is recommended that you preheat the container with hot water for a minute or so before filling with hot food. Drain the water before putting the food in. I know, but believe me it needs to be said. The thermos is super easy to clean with the provided brush.

From Milu

  • 💧 100% LEAK PROOF – The Milu Thermos Food Jar is absolutely shaking and leak-proof. The container can be carried perfectly in a backpack or in the enclosed bag.
  • 🔥 KEEPS HOT & COLD – Thanks to the Stainless-Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, your Food or Drinks stay Hot or Cold all day long.
  • 🥘 WIDE MOUTH: 2.6″ large opening for easy cleaning and easy filling of soup, fruit, rice, stew, chili, ice cream, baby food or more
  • 🛡 HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Most Thermos Food Jars are made of cheap stainless steel 201. But not our Milu Food Container, this is made of durable and high quality 304 food grade stainless steel that lasts forever!
  • ✔ PERFECT SIZE: You can choose between two sizes: 15,2oz (450ml) and 22oz (650ml). The containers are large enough to accommodate a full meal for adults but aren’t too large for kids.
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