Doable Off-Grid Homestead

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The Doable Off-Grid Homestead: Cultivating a Simple Life by Hand . . . on a Budget 

Has the thought of creating your own homestead been knocking around in the back of your head? Has the uncertainty of how to get started or the actual possibility of it, kept you from starting? Then Stewart and Shannon Stonger may be able to help you make the decision. The Stonger’s have been there and their book, The Doable Off-Grid Homestead can help guide your way. Through research, effective budgeting, creativity and pursuit of their dream they have been able to achieve their dream. Let them take you step by step to an independent, debt-free and off-grid homestead.

Learn how to build inexpensive infrastructure, utilize renewable energy from the sun, and maintain an off-grid home. The Stonger’s show you how to grow your own vegetables and preserve your harvest. Build a root cellar, raise livestock and more. Let the Stonger’s life lessons help you realize your dream.

About the Author

Stewart and Shannon Stonger are the founders of the blog Nourishing Days. Shannon the author of, Traditionally Fermented Foods, homeschools their five children. Stewart works in web design and day labor in between building their off-grid homestead. The Stongers live with their children and an ever-growing number of barnyard animals on a five-acre off-grid homestead in central Texas.

The authors provide details on exactly how to build each project, including estimates regarding time and cost. Projects like building a basic solar, how to make a rooting hormone, and building a household water system.
Again, if you are thinking about starting a Homestead, small farm or even going off-grid, this book is an excellent addition to your how-to library.

Living Off the Grid

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