Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin

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Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin, Fatwood Hand Cut in USA. Made by Steve Kaeser Since 1989

A Pocket Survival Fire Starting Tin, should I or shouldn’t I. I’m always on the lookout for quality products. This is a great addition to my pack. Small enough to throw in a front compartment, light enough that I don’t notice its addition. Do I need it? Not at the moment. Will I need it? I might, so it’s much better to have it then regret not getting it.

The Ferro rod is great, it is a little softer than normal so it throws more sparks. The included striker/bottle opener gets the job done. The knife does well as a striker. The wire saw is good enough for cutting down small trees. A really good product overall and I have no problem recommending it to anyone. Of course anyone new to fat wood or a fire starter should play with it a bit, before they actually have to use it.

Ships from and made in the USA. The perfect gift for anyone who spends time outside camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, or who is generally interested in survival gear.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. No chemicals, non toxic, safe to handle.

  • One (1) Tin Container 4 1/4in x 2 7/8in x 1 3/8in… Includes fatwood sticks 4 1/8in long hand cut in the USA.. One (1) tactical band
  • One (1) Bag of Fatwood Chips/Dust 2 1/2in wide x 3in long
  • One (1) Ferro Rod 5/16 x 3in, will last for 1000’s of strikes…One (1)…New improved extra thick metal striker,bottle opener, creates more sparks than previous model, 2 7/8in long 5/16in thick x 2 7/8 in long thick ferro rod. Produces showers of sparks
  • One (1) 45in piece of jute used to light fatwood chips/dust
  • One (1) Survival cable hand saw stainless steel 21in long blade,,, One (1) Durable fixed blade 3 1/2in long stainless steel knife, black finish with sheath…
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