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Kattee Men’s Canvas Bag

My go to bag for work and play. I used this pack for 2 years as my daily work case, love it. Keeps getting better looking with age. I now use it as my overnighter for short trips out of town and my daily carry when bouncing around with the wife. It’s a rare day that you won’t find this pack in the back of my Jeep.

This is a great looking bag made of a high density canvas and trimmed with genuine leather. This rucksack has a very large interior, easily holding a 17” laptop. The bag also has a 15” inch interior pocket for your laptop or iPad. Comes in army green, black, gray, or khaki- the one pictured.

Everyday bag

Keep in mind the bag is huge but all canvas, no padding, so it collapses when empty and you might want a sleeve for additional laptop protection. There are more pockets than you could need and they all have multiple clasps to close them. I’ve never worried about losing anything.

If you’re using for hiking-

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