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I drive a 93 Jeep Wrangler, not really a smooth ride. I also live within an hour of close to thirty breweries if not more. We do a lot of hiking and bouncing around in the old jeep when the weather is right. Take the top off and bounce up, down, and around the mountains. So I needed a growler that can take a beating and handle some sun exposure. A great growler.

Maybe needed is the wrong word, I have about twenty- twenty five in my collection. I wanted one that could survive the jeep, actually not only the jeep. Since I was shopping for something I wanted and didn’t necessarily need I added a couple prerequisites. First and foremost it couldn’t be glass. I also wanted one that could handle being tied to my pack when hiking and could be thrown in either the canoe or kayak for river trips.

I found what I wanted in the Yukon Growlers Insulated Beer Growler. A 64oz stainless steel double walled growler that keeps beer cold and carbonated for 24 hours. Supposedly, I’ve never managed to keep beer in my growler for 24 hours. The growler fits perfectly into its neoprene growler case, which adds insulation and protection. The growler case and strap make it easy to secure to both my pack and kayak- keeping my beer safe for later.

In winter feel free to fill it with coffee or hot chocolate and take it skiing or sledding – it keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours!

PURCHASE RISK-FREE: Everything you need in a growler or your money back. The Yukon Growler is covered by a Lifetime Warranty!

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