Rite in the rain

Rite in the Rain

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As much as I like to think I can keep up with the times and as much as I love the convenience of editing, spellcheck, syncing and sharing between devices; in some ways I’m still a dinosaur- a product possibly of my history degrees.  I love to put pen or pencil to paper and am never without a notebook whether hiking in the mountains or working outback in the garden. These are the perfect gifts for anyone who spends time outdoors be it for work or pleasure and need a notebook that can stand up to anything.
Rite in the Rain has been making all weather products since 1916 and they just keep getting better. The pages are made from a patented paper that while water resistant is still recyclable and can be written on best with waterproof pen or pencil.
The Weatherproof Side Spiral Kit, 4 5/8 x 7” green notebook (32 pages),  weatherproof pen, and tan CORDURA fabric cover. Something to write on, with, and something to hold it all.

A 3 pack of the mini staples notebooks with the field flex cover (the most flexible cover the company makes). These books are 3 1/4” by 4 5/8” and have 24 pages/12 sheets.

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