Four Things I Found on Amazon You Should Always Have in Your Daypack

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We keep one of these clipped to both mine and my wife’s pack. I’ve never needed it but they’re so light and take up such little space, a no brainer.
Having a small first aid kit is a necessity. I’ve been through the essentials in more than one. Once there’s space inside feel free to customize. I always keep a baggie of aspirin, a few extra large band aids, and some natural bug spray.
Another one I haven’t used but again so light and small it’d be silly not to have one in each pack.
A multi tool is a must, doesn’t have to be super expensive with every bell and whistle, just the basics- plyers, knife, screwdrivers, etc.. I never take mine out of the pack so I can’t forget it.

I also keep a cheap plastic poncho in each pack in case we get some unexpected rain.

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