February 2020

Tiny house

Tiny Houses on Amazon!

So I was today’s years old when I found out Amazon sold tiny houses. Reminded me of when I was in Jr High history class looking at the old Sears Roebuck catalog.

Whiskey or whisky

Whisky or Whiskey?

Whisky or whiskey, what the hell is the difference? If it hasn’t become obvious yet, it soon will, we here at Wharf 21 like whisky, just a bit.

Am Leonard spade

A Good Spade

This isn’t a light weight shovel light, this is a digging spade. The A.M. Leonard all steel spade can slice through roots, pry out rocks, and seems like it will last forever.

Hunter S Thompson

Hunter S Thompson, Gonzo God

Hunter S Thompson, the man who turned me into a political junkie, was an American journalist and author. Thompson was the founder of the gonzo journalism